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Aeroe is one of Denmark's smallest diameter municipalities at just 90 km2. Here there are about 6,710 people across small villages and in the 3 ports were 2013 Marstal 2,397 inhabitants Æreskøbing approx. 959 inhabitants and Soby approximately 540 inhabitants.   
      Take the ferry from the harbor in Svendborg, it takes about 15 minutes on foot from Udsigten. It's a great scenic cruise around. 75 min, and enjoy any. a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. look: AEROE FERRY  
   Free bus at Aeroe   The buses on the Aeroe is free for all, so you can easily get around the island Aeroe without a car or bicycle with See: ROADMAP  
   Bike ride from Svendborg to Aeroe    Are you on the bike is Aero a good day trip, you can also rent bikes with 10% discount when you stay at Udsigten See BIKE RENTAL  
   By beaches Aeroeskoebing and Marstal find bathhouses   By beaches Aeroeskoebing and Marstal find bathhouses in various bright colors and workmanship, they are passed down from generation to generation  
   Wedding at Aeroe   Many especially foreigners go to Aero to get married, maybe you can experience this beautiful sight :-) WEDDING AEROE  
   A building in Aeroeskoebing on Aeroe   A building in Aeroeskoebing, which is the second largest city in Aeroe, this is where you come ashore, if you sail from Svendborg to Aeroe.
The largest city is Marstal, a cozy port city, where there is Marstal Maritime Museum and plenty of cafes and restaurants.
      Do not you want to organize your trip yourself?
Can you buy a ready-made trip with discount, the price is incl. lunch, ferry and bicycle rental, you save between 108-136 kr per person depending on your age :-)s
You can see more here: TRIP TO AEROE
   From Aeroe to Udsigten Svendborg cheap accommodation    After a wonderful day with lots of activities at Aeroe, you take the ferry back to the "paradise" Udsigten Svendborg. You might want to sit on the terrace and watch the ferry sail to Aeroe for the last time today :-) 
In the morning you can take a trip to EGESKOV SLOT.

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